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Looking for a way to boost your self-love and confidence? 😉

We offer the Self-Love Glow: VI Peel to help you achieve a radiant glow and feel great about your appearance. The VI Peel is $50 off for the month of May!

The VI Peel is a medical-grade chemical peel that can improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and other skin imperfections. It uses a combination of powerful ingredients to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin, leaving you with a brighter, smoother complexion that's sure to turn heads.

With this treatment, you can achieve a self-love glow that radiates from the inside out. So why wait? P
urchase online or contact JUVA today by calling 212-688-5882 to schedule your VI Peel treatment and start feeling your best!

Prepay or purchase and you can schedule any time in May or June!