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Rejuvenate Your Sexual Health with the Bliss Shot! 💉✨

For the month of May, we are offering either shot, for male or female originally $1595 now for $1195!

The Bliss shot is a noninvasive procedure and an all-natural approach! The Bliss Shot utilizes PRFM, known as platelet-rich fibrin matrix to use your own platelets to promote healing and rejuvenation in various parts of the body. This includes the genital area. When used for genital satisfaction, this shot involves injecting a concentrated solution of platelets and growth factors directly into the clitoral and vaginal tissues of a woman or the penis of a male.

Your platelets in the platelet-rich fibrin matrix solution contain a variety of growth factors and cytokines that promote tissue regeneration and healing. When injected into the genital tissues, the growth factors in the PRFM solution can stimulate the production of new blood vessels, collagen, and other tissue components. This can lead to increased blood flow, improved sensitivity, and enhanced sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

Results may last up to 18 months or longer!

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